Expand Your Online Presence with SEO and Digital Marketing

Advanced consulting from our marketing experts to deliver better results for you.
Get monthly hands-on marketing support that helps your business grow.

Customized Marketing Program

Our team will collaborate with you to develop a marketing program that’s customized to your business. We’ll regularly review and adjust it to match your evolving requirements and objectives.
Here’s an example program, with a different theme highlighted each month:

Dedicated Account Manager

A marketing expert from our team will connect with you via Zoom every month to address the next phase of enhancing your online presence.
Each session is a collaborative working meeting during which we will jointly launch marketing campaigns.
Your account manager will devise a strategy to ensure your business receives maximum impact and the best returns on your time investment.

Consulting on Email Marketing

As an integral component of your marketing program, we will guide you in the successful creation of an email marketing campaign and its application for driving increased sales.
If you’ve never gathered leads or organized them for direct marketing, or if you’re uncertain about which email marketing platform to select, rest assured that we will address all your inquiries. We’re here to assist with everything, from the fundamentals to more advanced aspects, and collaborate with you in developing tailored email marketing campaigns that align with your business goals.

Consulting on Social Media

We’ll assist you in crafting and enhancing content for social media, from crafting basic posts to discerning the most effective content types for each platform. We’ll provide comprehensive guidance to get your social media campaigns off to a strong start.
If you’ve never crafted a post, feel uncertain about design, copy, or which format to select, or have queries about hashtags, reels, feeds, and groups, don’t worry. We’ll simplify the world of social media and emphasize the most pertinent strategies for establishing your presence where your customers are.

Consulting on Advanced SEO

We conduct keyword research tailored to your business to identify the most relevant terms and phrases, enhancing your visibility on search engines. Additionally, we optimize your website and social media content to boost your Google Search ranking.
If you’ve heard about H1 and H2 tags but aren’t sure how to enhance them, or if you’re interested in expanding your backlinks but don’t fully grasp the concept of SEO, your account manager will provide straightforward explanations. This way, you can concentrate on the strategies that will significantly enhance your online visibility.

Guidance on Campaign Launch

If you aim to expand your online presence via paid advertising, we will guide you through the process systematically. We assist you in choosing a target audience for your business, managing bids and budgets, and enhancing conversion opportunities.
If you’ve never run paid ads before and want to give it a try, or if you’re uncertain about optimizing the value of advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, or even if you’ve previously run campaigns with limited ROI, your account manager will ensure that your campaigns align with your business objectives.

Reputation Enhancement

We offer a complete strategy to enhance your online reputation. Can you attain ten 5-star reviews each month? With our assistance, you can achieve this and more consistently. We’ll aid you in obtaining reviews on the platforms pertinent to your business, soliciting feedback from customers, and managing responses, all from a single platform.
Additionally, you’ll gain insight into your competitors’ performance and online reputation. Your Reputation dashboard serves as a centralized hub for managing your business’s online identity, and your account manager will guide you in utilizing its full capabilities.

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